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Aim High Coaching

A 90-day hybrid course for new real estate agents to develop the essential skills, strategies, and discipline needed to become top producers. Enroll in our coaching program and level up your career. Free Consultation & Assessments  

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Most Agents Fail Within The First Year

Master The Skills You Need To Succeed

  • Develop a growth mindset that will unlock success for you.

  • Set big goals and develop strategies to earn your desired income

  • Create a lead generation system to attract buyers and sellers

  • Leverage technology to scale your business

  • Build self confidence 

  • Track your performance and stay focused 

  • Create your business plan
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What You Will Learn:

Module 1: Using The Power Of Your Mind To Level Up Your Business

Module 2: Be The CEO Of Your Own Career

Module 3: Create Your Business Plan

Module 4: Goal Setting - What It Takes To Achieve Your Goals

Module 5: Managing Lead Generation Systems

Module 6: Writing Contracts That Get Accepted

Module 7: Using Scripts & Dialogues

Module 8: Outcomes & Reviews - Goal

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Five Essential Steps To Real Estate Success

  1. An actionable income-producing business plan

  2. A clear understanding of today's real estate market

  3. Innovative marketing and prospecting systems

  4. The latest social networking strategies for Realtors

  5. Attain new skills and build self confidence


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Roy Benford, Guest Speaker at Command The Stage, Atlanta, GA. February 26, 2022









Roy Benford with Coach Craig Proctor, Anaheim, CA. April 2015








Mr. Benford Showed up each Saturday with real time stories and always related it back to the objective at hand, understanding and passing the state exam. His genuine concern that all of us were equal to that task was refreshing and inspiring. Thank you Mr. B for your BOLDness, clarity and certainty of purpose; we all benefited; our first step toward a career in RE will and does honor You.
Nedrea Arias
Roy is a community-oriented broker who uses his experience to not only help his clients cut through red tape to get a square deal, but is passionate about topics of neighborhood stability and homeownership. If you get Roy as your real estate specialist, you will be fortunate you did. He is experienced, passionate about the work, and compassionate when it comes to his clients!
Igor Tregub
Senior Policy Advisor
Roy is a visionary. He aims for the future as well as improvement of education. I am certain that Aim High Coaching will reach real estate agents that seek new guidance on how to start their business or just on how to move forward. I highly recommend Aim High Coaching!
Nedrea, thank you so much for your kind words and appreciation for a great teacher like Mr. Benford, We wish you a ton of success in your new Real Estate Career!
Charlotte S.
Roy I hope all is are always quite the professional Realtor that agents should strive to safe my friend..: )
Steven C. White
I would highly suggest working with Mr. Roy if you are looking to elevate your real estate career. In my honest opinion, seasoned Realtors can gain just as much value as novice ones. In our time working together, he was always so intentional, going above and beyond at every interaction. Rarely do you come across people in business who you feel genuinely care about you as a person and place more emphasis on how they can pour into you as opposed to what they can gain. With that being said, Mr. Roy is most certainly a gem who sincerely cares about your well-being and I can guarantee that partnering with Aim High coaching will far exceed your expectations!
Chatela Monae
Coaching Student
Using his life coaching skills and extensive real estate experience, Roy has been a mentor who helped me maximize my potential as a Realtor. He has a remarkable ability to understand and relate to a wide range of people and personalities. Roy has a genuine desire to help real estate agents fulfill their maximum potential. He has an innate ability to put you at ease, and communicates clearly and concisely. Roy’s personality, skill set, desire and real estate experience make him a highly effective coach. If I were looking to jumpstart my real estate career or take it to the next level, I would definitely engage Roy as my coach.
Don Askey
Oak Tree Realty



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